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Elite Lock & Safe Ltd

Safes Opened

Safe & Vault opening service Nationwide.

If you are having problems with your safe then it is normally best to leave it open until it’s diagnosed what the problem is. Many times we have seen locked safe when the customer have previous knowledge of a fault. This becomes expensive to open as a simple service would have found the issue.

Combination failure is a common problem with some electronic locks when the code is entered but nothing happens.

Keys snapping in the lock and only have the one key? Problems we see all the time. Give me a call if you are having a problem as a service can be cheaper then opening.

Manual combination change required or just a spare key cut call us for quote.

Safe cracker is a term used for safe engineers who basically open safes. Takes years of experience and not for the inexperienced either. All sorts of security devices built into the safes nowadays like re lockers and glass plate to prevent the usual attacks.